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More Smooth Radio 10 fascinating facts about Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye was one of the most gifted and popular soul icons of the 20th century, and his music will forever be timeless. Here’s all the info every Marvin Gaye fan should know Gaye wasn’t his real name Marvin Gaye’s real last name was Gay without the ‘e’. However, he was bullied from a young age due to homophobia, and because his father was known to be a crossdresser. Due to this, and rumours of the singer’s own sexuality, that Marvin added the ‘e’ to his last name when he became famous. Marvin Gaye and The Moonglows: He was a member of a vocal group first Before launching a solo career, Marvin Gaye joined The New Moonglows in the s. They performed with established singers like Chuck Berry and had a huge hit with ‘Sincerely’. Before this, he formed the group The Marquees with friend Reece Palmer.

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Abstract The shapes of leaves are dynamic, changing over evolutionary time between species, within a single plant producing different shaped leaves at successive nodes, during the development of a single leaf as it allometrically expands, and in response to the environment. Notably, strong correlations between the dissection and size of leaves with temperature and precipitation exist in both the paleorecord and extant populations. Yet, a morphometric model integrating evolutionary, developmental, and environmental effects on leaf shape is lacking.

Leaves are paired one-to-one and vine-to-vine accounting for developmental context, between growing seasons. Linear discriminant analysis reveals shape features that specifically define growing season, regardless of species or developmental context.

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November 30, Contact: George Harrison developed a close and affectionate relationship with Srila Prabhupada and their association certainly influenced his music and his spirituality. The Manor has since served as one of the most important Hindu temples in Europe. George was an intensely private person in all aspects of his life, including his spirituality but he was loved and admired by many devotees of Krishna who respected his attitude of humility and service.

There will be a memorial services for George Harrison to be held at Bhaktivedanta Manor and temples around the world during over the next week. He transferred his perceptions of a state of being beyond and higher than ordinary consciousness into the words and music that altered millions of lives. Along the way he became the friend and devoted servant of A.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the Hare Krishna movement. George’s relationship with the Hare Krishnas was deep and long abiding since he met them in the late sixties. During his last days, Krishna devotees were by his side and he left his body to the sounds of the Hare Krishna mantra. The devotees of Prabhupada are eternally grateful to George Harrison for his boundless services to all living beings. The spiritual musician was surrounded by old friends from the Hindu-based religious movement, which he embraced at the height of his fame in the s, Gauda Chandra of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness said “He had some close friends that he has known since the s with him at the end.

There was chanting and praying and he was at peace,” he said.

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History[ edit ] Boxers the hands are bound fighting under the eyes of a trainer. Side A of an Attic black-figure skyphos , c. In Greek mythology, it was said that the heroes Heracles and Theseus invented pankration as a result of using both wrestling and boxing in their confrontations with opponents.

Theseus was said to have utilized his extraordinary pankration skills to defeat the dreaded Minotaur in the Labyrinth. Heracles was said to have subdued the Nemean lion using pankration, and was often depicted in ancient artwork doing that. The mainstream academic view has been that pankration developed in the archaic Greek society of the 7th century BC, whereby, as the need for expression in violent sport increased, pankration filled a niche of “total contest” that neither boxing nor wrestling could.

Maybe it’ll be in your area? We cover a range of London boroughs, allowing more and more singles to enjoy dating with a twist but wherever it is, we all think you’d be mad to miss out on such an opportunity as nothing contributes more significantly to your wine experience than the art of wine tasting.

A beautiful Norman building on the site of a Saxon minster. During the civil war Odiham lay between Royalist Basing House and Parliamentary Farnham and a contemporary account recorded: Some of the garrison of Farnham Castle rode into church during the service and presented their pistols at Master Holmes the Minister, saying with a loud impudence: It is 1 of only 5 surviving examples in England.

After , the building reverted to a dwelling house for the poor and its last resident died in The Odiham Embroidery Things to see The complex embroidery, designed by Odiham-based artist Mary Turner, depicts years of local history from the time of Magna Carta and reflects the history of England as it was played out in our Parish. The panel has been divided into individual parts that have been worked on separately by around 70 volunteer stitchers. Considerable research and planning has gone into the project.

It has been stitched in traditional materials and techniques that have been recommended by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court and the National Needlework Archive in Newbury. Odiham Common Things to see Odiham Common is a beautiful amenity enjoyed by people throughout the district and beyond. A replica beacon has been erected closer to the village and is used to mark national celebrations such as Royal Jubilees and birthdays.

The almshouses today are under the stewardship of Odiham Consolidated Charities who carry on the good works of the original benefactors.

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Behind sliding gates with flashy, stainless steel front doors and a huge roof deck, the boxy, starkly white and vaguely nautical two-story residence has four and potentially more bedrooms and five bathrooms plus a double-height living room and a sleek, all-white kitchen that spills out to a commodious, south-facing deck that overlooks a broad sweep of lawn surrounded by tall trees and shrubs.

With concrete floors and crisp white walls free of extraneous ceiling moldings, the modern-minded, early s ranch-style residence is configured with two bedrooms and two renovated bathrooms in 2, square-feet. The living room has a minimalist fireplace and a bank of glass sliders to a skylight topped loggia overlooking a grassy, simply landscaped backyard. The separate dining room also has glass sliders to the yard and the all-white but otherwise garden-variety and not particularly large kitchen is updated with stainless steel appliances and traditional, raised panel cabinets lacquered glossy white.

 · On the London Fashion Week Grapevine}N-Dubz star Fazer was seen talking to Kasabian’s Jay Mehler at James Small’s Vauxhall Motors Fashion Scout show after party in London Fashion ://

When dad thought I was marginally less irresponsible, he started giving me pocket money. My dad wanted me to save some pocket money and I usually managed to put a minimal amount into my savings book each month in the post office at the corner of Golborne Road and Edenham Street. Further down Golborne Road on the left over the iron bridge, however, there was a toy shop, where I went from time to time to add to my Corgi and Matchbox car collection. I always looked forward to the release of the new Corgi model catalogue and would pore over it deciding what to buy next, although, at fifteen shillings, the James Bond DB5 with ejector seat, machine guns and other impressive gadgets, was always out of reach.

In the days before the introduction of prices ending with 99 new pence, I can remember singles cost six shillings and threepence before going up to six and eight so this was a major investment out of my pocket money. My records would be played at home on our grey and red Philips portable record player, which had a folding lid and carrying handle in the style of a lot of players at that time.


Comment 0 started off on a romantic note for Bollywood heartthrobs Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. However, this happiness was short-lived, as the news of their breakup soon took the B-town by shock. The toughest thing to do in Bollywood is take a relationship forward. Time and again, star splits have proved that. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia – directly to your inbox Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were in a relationship for six years.

 · We have just returned to London from a week in Reykjavík, making that my eighth week this year. We swam nearly every day, and the first time I felt compelled to explain ahead of time that you must shower, naked, with soap, before you’re allowed anywhere near an Icelandic swimming ://

They are necessary for flood control and for providing drinking water to Texas ‘ urban centers. The lakes in Texas are home to local species and to migrating songbirds, and they are a delight to bird watchers and casual viewers. Many lakes are surrounded by parkland, others by towering forests, still others are encompassed by tall bluffs and rolling hills. Here are the best Texas lakes.

The dam was erected for flood control and for recreation, and the lake named for Lady Bird Johnson, former first lady of the United States and long-time Austin resident. No motorized watercraft are permitted on Lady Bird Lake. Fish caught in the lake are inedible due to high levels of chlordane in the water. It was constructed in as an alternate water source for the city of Houston and sits on the west fork of the San Jacinto River.

The fishing in Lake Conroe is excellent, with good-sized largemouth, white, and striped bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.

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Share this article Share At Robert Eberling said police believe that after Yazdanpanah shot his six family members, he called at Police arrived about three minutes later and found everyone dead. It appeared they had been opening presents around their Christmas tree just before the attack. A recording of the call released yesterday revealed someone saying: They believe the call was made by Yazdanpanah.

In real life, Hawking and Wilde began dating after Hawking had been diagnosed with ALS, and their dates usually consisted of going to the theater and opera in London.

In the early s, dating lines catered to a mainly white audience. Vibeline was one of the first chat lines to cater to people of color. While all types of callers are encouraged to try Vibeline, it remains focused on connecting black people to one another. Vibeline utilizes the latest in phone chat technology, offering a premiere experience to men and women alike.

As one of the most trusted chat companies in North America, black men and women have been calling Vibeline for over two decades to engage in meaningful conversation with the hopes of finding that special someone. Here are the basics of how it works: You must be 18 years or older to call, and no one on the other end of the line is paid to talk to you.

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As Time Out city guides close, is it time up for printed guidebooks? The publishing company founded in by Tony Elliott has been shedding editorial staff including, in , me as it has evolved into a global ticketing agency, the focus aggressively on web-based content. It also has a knack of issuing redundancies during the festive period. For a time, Time Out provided a cool template for the way travel — and travel publishing — were evolving.

 · A celebration of Motown Records. Expect to hear Michael Jackson, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Rick James, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and :// /nights/

Valentines Mansion Nestled among acres of parkland in Ilford, east London the 17th Century Mansion, which once housed the Council’s Public Health and then Housing Offices, has remained largely empty for the past two decades. But in a two million pound heritage grant was secured and restoration of Ilford’s grand old sweetheart was able to begin. Once the restoration work is fully complete the Mansion’s revived features will include a re-instated Victorian kitchen and dairy, restored oak well staircase and replacement of the original stain-glass windows.

As well as the Mansion itself the surrounding historic gardens, parkland, shell grottoes, adjoining dovecote and canal are also being restored. Plans for the use of the newly restored old Mansion and gardens will see a permanent exhibition on the building’s history and educational programmes for schoolchildren, families and adults.

Visitors will also be able to watch artists at work in one of the six newly created artist studios in the old servant quarters and the Mansions many rooms will be available for use by the local community. William Finch inherits the estate on his father’s death.

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Search 25 Best Places to Visit in Nevada Regardless of whether you are looking for holiday glitz and glamour or yearn for solitude in the middle of the desert, you will find what you are looking for in Nevada. The state offers one of the most diverse collections of attractions, which range from breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape in a handful of must-see national parks to the cosmopolitan delights of high-end shopping, dining, and gaming in cities like Las Vegas and Reno.

Stop at the Bellagio to watch the famous 1, dancing fountains, go for a gondola ride at the Venetian, or eat pastries alongside the Eifel Tower at Paris, Las Vegas. You can visit some really whacky museums such as the Atomic Testing Museum, the Mob Museum, and the Neon Museum, place a bet at Caesars Palace, try mouthwatering cuisine prepared by world-famous chefs, and watch some of the best shows in the country.

London has plenty of events aimed specifically at singles looking to mingle. Speed dating can be a good bet, as events are aimed at different age groups and sexual preferences, and some are themed to take the awkwardness out of the whole job interview-style questionnaire. For example Grapevine Social combines speed dating with wine tasting. You can also find others that take place in museums and art .

Well, it’s not totally dead, it blue-screen-of-deathed me and all, but technically it still turns on. In the middle of a day I had hypothetically set aside just for finally submitting my damn query letters, in the middle of finalizing a two sentence long but expertly over considered author bio in case anyone asked for one , my computer screen just went black.

And it did not come back. Of course, my planned day of reckoning had already been going haywire– having to unexpectedly rebuild my website did you know I have theclosethistorian. I do and do some unplanned remote work for my day job had already majorly encroached upon and marred my plans, but blue-screen-of-death too? Wow, okay universe, now that’s kinda just rude. And of course my book is backed up, I’ve got it, and believe me– if I didn’t have it, I would be in a ward somewhere under surveillance I am certainly not kidding.

However, the last copies of my files are from November 6th, and my laptop died on November 12th.

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The English are famous for being guarded, if not downright shy when compared to our French and Italian neighbours. And this whole thing about finding the love of your life in a supermarket aisle, when you both pick up the last packet of French beans, does that actually ever happen? Remember that the old adage rings true, if you love yourself, others will follow.

Smile, have fun, and others will pick up on your positive vibes, man.

Simple foot wires around the base and scratched owners initials. The paten has a similar band of hatched ornament and has the date which is consistent with the date of manufacture. Total weight grams, 6 troy ounces. Height 15 cms (cup), 18 cms (with top). Diameter of top cms. Extremely good silver marks for London

Catch them while you can. There’s now words, just hugely innovative uses of everyday objects such as brooms to create incredible music and dance routines that continue to astonish audiences across the globe. Inspired by true events, it’s a Brit grit to high-heeled hit that takes you from factory floors to the glamorous catwalks of Milan.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a big night out you can buy your tickets with a dinner included, they’re more expensive but also include a free two course meal. See more details here. The epic show features an eighteen-piece orchestra, and includes Motown classics like ‘My Girl’ and ‘I heard it through the grapevine’. Cheap tickets are available to find through Amazon Tickets who show you the exact price for each different performance. A prequel to the much-celebrated The Wizard of Oz, this is an unmissable opportunity to see the famous show in all its dramatic glory.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a big night out you can buy your tickets from Love Theatre , where they’re more expensive but also include a free two course meal. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie tells the tale of Jamie New, who’s sixteen and lives on a council estate in Sheffield.


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