Model of 1911 Production

Even though Springfield Armory used a two-piece firing pin and other slight design alterations, the was in fact a Mauser design and this resulted in the U. By January, over , rifles produced. Due to inconsistent heat treatments, low numbered receivers Springfield Armory below , and Rock Island Arsenal below , should NEVER be fired under any circumstances because of the risk of serious injury or death. Toward the end of WWI. A cut in the left side of the receiver and stock were added to accommodate the Pederson Device semi-auto. The M A2 is a stripped A1 or A3 used as a sub- caliber rifle in artillery pieces. The Springfield is “officially” replaced by the M1 Garand.

Remington Model 740

Sealed packet of 38 revolver cartridges. This packet has the instruction for the saving of the spent shells for reloading. New Item Email Price: This piece is dated SN PF broad arrow marked complete with matching serial number scabbard and fitted with correct Olive d

As the most aesthetically refined representative of our prestigious pump-action family, the Model Wingmaster is a true American icon. Available in 12 gauge 2 3/4″ and 3″, 20 and 28 gauge, and bore, it has a custom-quality satin finish on both stock & .

Date coded IG which is This is the semi auto version of the famous MP5 submachine gun made by the original manufacturer. It features a 30 round detachable magazine, a retractable stock, and a barrel shroud with a vertical fore grip. This rifle is in excellent condition with it’s matte black finish showing virtually no wear. The action works like new and the gun appears to have been fired very little. Imported from to

Ruger Shotguns

This shotgun has more acessories made for it than all the other shotguns put together. The reason for this is a history for dependability dating back to the mid part of this century. The comes in many models and configurations from a model for Trap compitition to the favorite riot gun for law enforcement. The comes in both a left and right hand model. The utilizes twin action bars to prevent binding of the slide action during rapid operation of the weapon.

The also utilizes twin shell stops to prevent shells from slipping from the magazine tube.

Horst Auction Center “The Voices Of Experience” Gun Auction January 7, — 9 AM. Click here for accessories list. Click here for important gun registration information.

What is the age of a Remington Wingmaster serial V? You can call Remington at and go thru the menu selection. One of the menu options is to request information on your Remington based off the serial number. You read off your serial number and the guy looks up in the database the year the gun was made and what the original barrel was fo…r that gun if gun had barrel options like shotguns do. Value depends on condition, popularity of model, barrel length, prior use, original box presence, etc.

After looking at Gunbroker, go to Impact guns to view a similar gun price new. You’re probably looking at from … used gun price. Be careful if you take your gun for appraisal as it is customary for peole to lowball you. Rather than ask a price for your gun, view other guns available of similar make and model and aks for prices of these guns. Id say Early s. On the left side of the barrel next to the receive…r is two or three letters stamped below and behind where the choke is stamped in the barrel.

Compare those to the webpage. Nice old guns but not “REAL” collector issue till its over 50 yrs old.


The serial number is correctly located on the left side of the receiver, matching the serial number stamped into the top of the receiver, magazine floorplate and buttplate but not the bolt body. There are numerous other proof marks on the gun, please see the pictures. The gun is mounted with a correct hooded post front sight, and an elevation and windage adjustable rear sight.

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Shane JonesChief Financial Officer: Amy DorseyPost Production Supervisor: Fred GarciaChief of Videography: Marcos Furer, Dusan SmetanaResearch: Kelly McLear, Kristen EdwardsOrion Entertainment is the largest producer of outdoor adventure programming and content in the world with dozens of series airing on nine national television networks.

With a 30, hour global HD footage library, an archive of thousands of photographic images, and a team of the most knowledgeable outdoor and media experts in North America, Orion is the industrys only full service marketing solutions company delivering best-in-class content and intelligence on all existing and emerging platforms. Hunting with the Model is a year-round proposition, with some unusual quarries.

The Silent Preyer 12Legal to own, legal to hunt with across most of the country, todays silencers provide safety, comfort, increased accuracy, and greater hunting opportunities. Gas 16A century old, semi-auto shotguns came of age in 63 and underwent their biggest revolution a few years ago, thanks to Remingtons engineers. Charlie Palmers Food Storage Tips 22Remingtons bull cook, Charlie Palmer, offers his expert advice on how to keep game meat perfectly preserved and ready for oven or grill.

The Ultimate Muzzleloader 30Remington comes full circle from its beginnings years ago and reinvents the art and science of muzzle loading with its cutting-edge rifle. Live and in Color: Remington Country 34 Remington Country brings the spirit and traditions of Americas firearms-and-ammunition company, and the hunting lifestyle, to outdoorsmens homes.

Remington Country July 2014

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NEW Kimber Gold Match II ACP with 4 magazines, box & accessories. Adjustable rear sight and trigger, ambi extended safety, beaver tail grip safety, and finely checkered double diamond wood grip panel. The pistol has seen very little use and is in excellent, like new condition.

He is able to handle this with ease and the felt recoil is easy on his shoulder. I also ordered a couple of chokes that were shipped to the house super quick. He did bust a few clays on his first time out with it and first time shooting skeet. He has confidence in it and for now that’s what matters. The Able’s team was extremely helpful in getting us set up. They are now my go to shop for future firearm and accessory purchases.

who knows remington date codes?

Remington Express 20 gauge? Thu Jan 09, 9: Wed Feb 27, 6: The problem is the quality control they are currently employing or lack thereof.

Remington Shotgun in 12 gauge Speaking of highly effective guns for self-defense in the home, a single blast from a 12 gauge with a full power loading of double-aught buckshot is the definition of .

I really like this load out of a REM. This shot size with a velocity of close to fps out of a true Mod choke is very dense at 40 yds and works better with a little more open choke for me on decoying birds and back-up shots out past 45 yds. It takes a good understanding of payload weight , shot size , velocity and pattern board work Fellas that claim they can with factory ammo typically shoot a box of shells or more for a limit of ducks , where as , the fellas that have done their homework are set-up for shooting just that distance and are good at it!

I personally try to not shoot anything beyond 40 yards unless it’s follow up shots on a bird already hit. I just don’t have the confidence to make clean ethical kills at long ranges and I hate wounding birds. I’m just going to have to buckle down and reload until I get loads I am satisfied with. Luckily I live out in the country and it takes all of 4 minutes to get to my shooting spot to test my loads.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on this site of patterns by other guys and many of them just flat out boggle my mind with the great amount of the pellets hitting inside the 30″ circle. I would love to go down to lighter loads yet have denser patterns because I have shoulder issues and am not even sure if I will be able to shoot right handed any more. Hopefully with the right choke and load combo I can achieve my goal.

Where is the best place online to order steel reloading components from?

Remington 870 Wingmaster

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